Visual Art Submission Guidelines

Submissions in this category include all forms of original visual art. 

  • A digital image of the artwork should be submitted in CMYK or Grayscale in TIFF (.tiff) or JPEG (.jpg) format. The resolution should be at least 300 dots per inch (dpi) for color images and 600 dpi for Grayscale images. Files that have less than this level of resolution cannot be published. This file should be uploaded as the "Submission File" in the online portal and should be named with the last name of the submitter.
  • Titles are limited to 10 words and are entered directly in to the online submission portal.
  • Please include a separate cover page, as described on the Submissions page. This coverpage should be uploaded as a "Supplementary File" in the online submission portal. Please entitle this file "(last name of submitter)_coverpage".
  • A short description (50 words or less) of the artwork can also be submitted. This should be entered into the "Abstract" section of the online submission portal. If you do not wish to include a short description, please enter "No Abstract" in the "Abstract" section.